Stuffed Tatume Squash

Here is a recipe found at Cooks.Com that is quick and easy. In preparation, we used the microwave method for baking the dish and altered the ingredients somewhat . Instead of acorn squash, we used our home grown Tatume and substituted ground pork for the ground beef. Other changes were simply adding more of the other ingredients. We did so because we used more ground meat than was called for in the recipe. We also used dried parsley flakes instead of fresh and left out the mushrooms.                                                       With the addition of a pineapple-papaya fruit mix from Dole, this made a nice summer meal.


The Tatume are heat hardy and, with a little watering, have continued to produce during our summer of drought and triple digit temperatures. They are also very versatile in the kitchen and can be prepared in just about any way that you can imagine cooking squash.


























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